Create Github Issues
 from Emails

Respond directly from Github with Comments

How it Works

HubDesk links each email thread to a Github issue

Install the HubDesk Github App

Install the HubDesk Github app for your organization or user account. Then create an inbox that links an incoming email address to a Github repository.

Forward Emails to HubDesk

Setup your emails to automatically forward to HubDesk. HubDesk will create Github issues for each new email thread.

Reply with an Issue Comment

Add @reply to an issue comment to send that comment as an email back to the customer.


HubDesk plays nice with Github

HubDesk just creates regular Github issues. Any tool or integration that works with Github Issues works with HubDesk.

Synchronized Permissions
HubDesk automatically synchronizes users and permissions from your Github organization and repositories.
Keep Discussion Private
HubDesk only sends replies to customers if the comment starts with @reply. All other internal comments are kept private.
Inbound Attachments
HubDesk stores and secures inbound attachments and adds links to issues for easy retrieval.
Outbound Attachments
HubDesk add links to outbound emails for attachments added to @reply comments.
Saved Replies
Use Github's built-in saved replies to quickly send canned responses to common issues.
Slack Integration
Install the Github Slack integration to respond to issues directly from Slack.
Use Kanban Boards
Use Github's built-in projects boards or 3rd party tools like Zenhub to manage your tickets on Kanban boards.
Mobile app
Use Github's mobile app to respond to customers while on the go.


Don’t pay for expensive help desk tools

HubDesk charges the same price for unlimited users as other tools charge for a single user.

Single Inbox


Connect one email address to a single Github repository

  • Unlimited users

  • Works with any email provider

  • Plays nice with all Github integrations

Unlimited Inboxes


Connect unlimited email addresses to Github repositories

  • 30 day free trial

  • Unlimited users

  • Works with any email provider

  • Plays nice with all Github integrations

  • Unlimited inboxes

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